※1st time or fair skinned customer please speak to staff.

※NO BURNING! The longer you tan the better results. MUST have base tan.

Session Deals

Sharing OK!
Example: If you have 50 minutes in tickets and two people would like to go you van share at 25 minites each.
All Models OK!
  • Tickets for high priced machines can be used in any bed for the amount of ticket time, no more.
  • If you have a lower bed ticket but would like to tan in a higher bed you just pay the difference.
Tickets Back!
If you have 10 minute tickets but would like to go 15 minutes you can give two 10 minutes and we will gibe back a 5 minute ticket.
Combination OK!
Example: If you would like to tan 20minutes but only have 10 minute ticket you can use the ticket then pay for the additional 10 minutes using ¥,$ or credit card.