Our Machines

Level 1 - Holiday
Holiday 50 Tanning Machine

Level 1 is designed for beginners and those with light skin to build up a base tan prior to going on holiday or moving on to more tanning exposure. For delicate skin 10 minutes initial time is recommended and definitely not more than 20 minutes.

Our "Holiday 50" machine is recommended for Level 1

*5300 Watts

Level 2 - Olympic
Level 2 - Olympic Tanning Machine with WomanLevel 2 is a step up from level 1 and suitable for those already with a base tan but not ready for Level 3. The machines are Italian made, and being larger than other machines are suitable for bigger and taller people.




*12,000 Watts

Level 3 - Ringo 900
Level 3 - Stand Up Tanning MachinePerfect for a stand up 360 degree tan! Get a well balanced tan in a powerful machine

Ringo 900



*7000 Watts

Level 3 - Ergoline
Classes for Age 3-5This is a very powerful tanning bed, the flagship product in this company's product line with a unique ergo design for a comfortable tanning experience.

ErgolineErgoline 2


*13,500 Watts

Ergoline 800
Facial High Pressure UVA. Turbo Power bronzing lamps to get a darker tan. Similar to our 360 degree vertical beds with high pressure facial tanners. This beds body shaped acrylic allows for a relaxing tanning position. UVB is STRONGEST.

Ergoline Ergoline 2


*13,500 Watts

Level 3 - Sunrise Ergoline 488
Sunrise Ergo 488 Tanning MachineThese are European machines perfect for a strong tan if you're tall. The lamps are 2 meters in length so they'll give you an easy head to toe tan.

Ergoline 488Ergoline 488 Photo 2


*11,000 Watts

Halogen Master Sun
Master Sun Tanning MachineLooking for an intense tan? Check out our master sun halogen tanning machines. You can relax with a feeling like sleeping on a beach and with no rawness afterwards!

MastersunMastersun Photo 2


*23,000 Watts

Halogen Super Ringo
Classes for Age 3-5Vertical machine with the strongest halogen lamps, perfect for a 360 degree tan for advanced tanners.

Super Ringo



*23,000 Watts

Tropic Facial Tanning Machine
Classes for Age 3-5Just looking for a facial tan? Then this machine is perfect!

Face Machine



*5300 Watts